The Bold and Brilliant………

A real splash of colour with this selection of beautiful bulbs

Myosotis sylvatica

forget-me-not here with Lily Flowered Tulip Pretty Woman

At the back is a swath of towering pink Van Eijk Darwin Hybrid

Garden 3

My top favourite Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae  excellent for dry and even the most difficult conditions.

Sweet scented Lily Flowered Ballerina provide a zing of Orange, looking great with the ever popular Queen of the Night and Couleur Cardinal

Garden 1

Blue Parrot pushing into May and almost the exact same colour as the

Alliums which follow into June


On a budget? This whole pot is cuttings or from seed.

Cosmos pot.jpg

A move’able feast

Garden 10

By late summer it is all about Dahlia’s

Decorative Sam Hopkins and Semi catus Chat Noir growing together in a blaze of dark elegance

Dahlia Veg Bed Chat and Sam H

Chat Noir together with Dahlia Selina and Pink Diamond

Dahlia Veg Bed down

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