Successional Planting ‘Spring’

By combining Colour, Shape and Texture with flowering times you can create 4 months of colour with no more effort than a little deadheading

We start with Hyacinth Pink Pearl in March which gives an early blast of colour and scent……….

By April the tight buds of Tulip Chato are pushing their way through

This is a double early and it was the most admired Tulip at the Open Day with it’s peony like blooms which also dies so beautifully which is often overlooked when planning pots

By the beginning of May we deadhead Chato putting any last blooms in a vase by the bedside and make way for Sarah Raven’s ‘Absolutely Fabulous Tulip Collection’

Mind-blowingly fantastic, these tulips are NOT shrinking violets, but sock-it-to-you colours and flower forms – absolutely fabulous!

This collection includes Tulips ‘Pretty Princess’, ‘Candy Cane’ and ‘Arjuna’.


Sarah Raven

Gardening School

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  1. Emma Manaton says:

    Would love to create this next year, how many bulbs did you use and what’s the planting scheme, it doesn’t look like a big pot so assume needed lots of feed?

    1. Hi Emma

      This pot was the most admired at my open day

      I planted in each pot

      5 ‘Pink Pearl’ Hyacinths
      15 ‘Chato’
      then 5 of each Pretty Princess’, ‘Candy Cane’ and ‘Arjuna’.

      Fresh compost has enough nutrients to start with and if you are going to dispose of the bulbs that will be enough, however if you do want to try and get another year (Chato is quite perennial) then a couple of doses of Tomato feed really helps.

      Most importantly don’t let them dry out – this is most likely as spring kicks in and will effect the later bulbs making them fail.

      The bigger the pot the more likely your bulbs will recharge for next year.

      If you click to ‘follow my blog’ I shall be adding more notes on my bulb trials shortly to coincide with the purchasing and planting season.

      Happy gardening


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