Nicotiana (tobacco plant)

Each year one plant seems to thrive above all others.

Swan Cottage Flowers set in the Chiltern Hills on the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire border just outside Milton Keynes (and close to London). We have a dryer than usual climate and being in a listed building c1500 (they knew where to put them) we are quite sheltered.

Last year the Nasturtium reined supreme, they poured from every pot and border……but this year they are kinda struggling?

Nasturtium Apricot Desire (British Seasonal Flowers)
Nasturtium Apricot Desire


In 2017,  for us at least, its the year of the Tobacco Plant!

I’ve never had more than a handful of plants…… despite my best efforts, but this year I have hundreds!!

Having so many I have tucked them into the most inhospitable locations to brighten the corner and use them up, not expecting much….they have thrived???!!

Nicotiana alata ‘Grandiflora’, the most highly scented tobacco plant you can grow.

Nicotiana alata 'Grandiflora'
Nicotiana alata ‘Grandiflora’

Delicate white flowers which can be delicate in bright sun, so may be best planted with a little shade, dry shade in my case.

These half hardy annuals, have a knockout evening and night scent. Nicotiana are moth pollinated, so pour out the fragrance when the moths roam!

We have some amazing Woodland Weddings set in Lila’s Wood in Tring so these beauties will fit the bill exactly!

The delicate balance of conditions is unique each year so embrace the successes and don’t worry about the failures….its not you

Zoe x

Zoe Woodward, Swan Cottage Flowers
Zoe Woodward, Swan Cottage Flowers

Swan Cottage Seasonal Flowers, Buckinghamshire #BritishFlowers #SeasonalFlowers #BritishFlowersWeek #FlowersfromtheFarm

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