Wedding Flowers – How many to order?

How many flowers do I need?

The question I get asked time and again is how many flowers do I need for my Wedding, Party, Event??

Our answer is what are you trying to achieve?

This is a Bucket of British Flowers, 60 stems of mixed filler and prime blooms
This is a Bucket of British Flowers, 60 stems of mixed filler and prime blooms

There are around 60 stems in this bucket with a good mix of filler flowers (which could be cut down further) and prime trophy blooms!

We say that 1 bucket =
1 Brides Bouquet and the buttonholes
2 Bridesmaids Bouquets
5-10 Jam Jar (depending on size)
1 Pedestal Arrangement

The number of buckets depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve and we can help you with the flower maths!


If you are keen to have a go at doing your own flowers, we have come up with this Guide:

1 lavish Bridal Bouquet and 1 Buttonhole the simplest Wedding would be just 1 Bucket of Wedding Flowers…

or 2 mediums sized Bouquets again just the 1 Bucket of Garden Gathered Blooms………

Half a Bucket of Wedding Flowers makes a this stunning Bouquet made by Lois Golding

Spring Seasonal Bridal Bouquet
Spring Seasonal Bridal Bouquet

Add a few Jam Jars of Flowers and you will need 2 Buckets of Wedding Flowers…

We are going to step things up and add 2 Bridesmaids, for this will need 3 Buckets of DIY Wedding Flowers…

More guests and we will need to double our Jam Jar to count to 20 or it’s 6 medium sized Table Arrangements (Table Centres) and you are up to 4 Buckets of Wedding Flowers…

Top Tip! A Jam Jar is not enough flowers for a table on it’s own, they should be clustered in groups or placed at intervals…a mix of bottles and Jam Jars is very popular and will spread your flowers further… 

After this you might need to enlist some help arranging your own Wedding Flowers…

Swan Cottage Wedding Florist, British Seasonal Flowers, serving Beds, Bucks and surrounding towns and villages
Swan Cottage Wedding and Event Flower

A set of Groomsmen and perhaps a 3rd Bridesmaid or Flower Girls with a posy of Flowers or Flower Crowns… That’s 5 Buckets of Wedding Flowers….

Can you see we are adding 1 bucket with each step up the Wedding Ladder…….

5 Buckets of Seasonal Wedding Flowers
5 Buckets of Seasonal Wedding Flowers

So lets add a bigger venue or even an outdoor event…. 9 tables, that would require 6 Buckets of Flowers…

12 Tables or 6 long trestle tables and 7 Buckets of Flowers…

An Arch to get married under… 8 Buckets of British Blooms…

Wedding Flowers, an Arch to get Married Under....
Wedding Flowers, an Arch to get Married Under….


Real life example

Claire and Tom got Married at the magical Woodland Weddings in Lila’s Wood in Tring, Buckinghamshire

Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom

Claire and her family used 8 Buckets of our Seasonal Flowers

Claire and her best girls holding their Swan Cottage Flowers bouquets that they made themselves!
Claire and her best girls holding bouquets that they made!
Bridal and Bridesmaids Bouquets
Bridal and Bridesmaids Bouquets

Claire’s Wedding and Venue were at the same location, but perhaps you need to have some extra flowers for the Church?

Large Pedestal Arrangement’s take a lot of Flowers… 1 bucket each… 2? that’s 10 Buckets of Flowers and an epic Church entrance!

Top Tip! You can move these flowers to the venue after the ceremony but make sure you enlist help and agree in advance who is moving the Flowers and to where.

Extra special Top Table? Lets add one more bucket of Garden Gathered Blooms 11 Buckets

Top Tip! Flower costs and time can be reduced by using your Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaids Bouquets as the top table arrangements by having smart vases full of clean water ready and waiting…

Be the Florist Wedding Flowers Workshop! DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop, Buckinghamshire / Bedfordshire / Hertfordshire / Northampton / Milton Keynes / Leighton Buzzard / Tring / Aylesbury / Woburn / Waddesdon

If your wedding is in a barn or large building you might need extra flowers, hanging flower arrangements or Flower Bomb’s are very popular and easy to do (How to Create a hanging Ammi majus Flower Bomb).

12 or 13 Buckets of flowers will give you an epic Wedding or event

13 Buckets of Event Flowers
13 Buckets of Event Flowers

A Trial Run is essential!

You might have a Mum, an Aunt or great friend that is brilliant at arranging flowers and will take care of the whole thing, but if you don’t we can create a bespoke Workshop!

Pre-Wedding Workshop

Brides and their Mum’s can have a magical day together here at Swan Cottage. We will pick practice buckets of flowers. You bring along the vases and vessels you have bought and collected and we will run a mock up of your wedding.  We can even run a Hen Party’s if you are enlisting more help!

Top Tip! Get as much help as you can and bring them all along to the Workshop. Florists do a wonderful job and work very hard behind the scenes, don’t under estimate this! 

Flowers that you have created yourself are even more special, we will show you the most photogenic blooms (you will really want to see them in your wedding photographs).

With our flowers you have piece of mind, watching us grow and nurture your flowers through our Instagram or Facebook feeds, they will be picked and conditioned ready for you to use straight away, our flowers will never be stuck in customs, late or damaged or affected by sudden price rises!


Zoe x

Zoe Woodward, Swan Cottage Flowers


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