Dahlias ‘deadheading’

Dead heading

Like Sweetpea’s and other flowers, a Dahlia’s purpose in life is to set seed, if you allow seed pods to form the plant will think it’s done its job……and stop flowering. Once a week have a really good blitz and cut off all deadheads.

It can be tricky sometimes to work out what is a bud and what is a seed head when they can look so similar…

Buds are round little flower bombs waiting to explode (far left) follow the flower life cycle through to the cone shaped seed head (right)

Dahlia Flower Life Cycle
Dahlia Flower Life Cycle

It’s important to snip off these cone shaped seed heads to keep your Dahlias blooming to the first frosts.

It’s easy once you can see the difference!



p.s. the Dahlia is ‘Totally Tangerine’ xxx

The Bold and Brilliant Cutting Garden
The Bold and Brilliant Cutting Garden

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