DIY Prices

Wedding Flower Prices

Weddings are unique special events, often it’s the first time you will have ordered this many flowers and costs can feel overwhelming.

Pricing is often what you can afford so with this in mind we have come up with this quick guide.

Once you have settled on your budget contact us for a bespoke quote which may include a little help….

Event Venue Flowers, just tables…..25 Jam jars £280

Jam Jar Table Arrangements, British Seasonal Wedding Flowers to do yourself

At least 240 stems, we are giving a guide that you can have approx. 9-10 stems per Jam jar, this is bigger than your Golden Shred Marmalade and more like your Kilner Jar or pasta Sauce……some like to mix it up with Pasta Sauce Jar, others prefer a few old Gin bottles which will make your flowers go further……..

Intimate Wedding £210

Wedding Flowers Buckets and Bouquets Service, we will do all the fiddly important bits such as the Bridal Bouquet and Buttonholes........

A Wedding that includes those most loved, a best man….a best woman,  the bouquets that double as table centres….whatever your needs we will make sure your flowers suitable or in the case of Cake Flowers edible! Your reception will probably be in a favourite restaurant.

Family Wedding £420

Do your own Wedding Flowers Workshop

As well as flowers for the Bridal Party you will probably have bridesmaids and a Venue with tables to dress.

Grande Celebration £630

Buckets of British Flowers for Weddings and Events, Buckinghamshire (Bucks) Bedfordshire (Beds) Northhamptonshire (Northants) and Oxfordshire (Oxon)

A Larger Venue, perhaps a Woodland Wedding to dress, this package will give you enough flowers for Groomsmen, Maids, flowers for the family Labrador, as well as an epic Bridal Bouquet

This size package was also purchased for a grand birthday with flowers spilling from room to room, filling the air with scent

Note: this is not a project to be tackled alone, you need to add floristry services to your package or a small army of helpers!

Push the boat out £840

British Wedding Flowers, everything you need for a large celebration

We have supplied Flowers for a large Marquee, which really is nothing without proper dressing,  includes flowers to wrap arches, floral chandeliers, this a Van load of flowers!

Note: you need the loan of a Van to collect this many flowers

How to book

Call Zoe 01525 270 057, the mobile 07702 919 640 is often better as we are out in the flower field all day or email us

Tailor Made (Bespoke for you)


If you love the idea of doing your own wedding flowers but a feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry.

Bridal Bouquet Prices

DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop 

There is no “one fits all” price for wedding flowers

Swan Cottage Flowers, the freshest, luxury Flowers with the freedom to spend your money well…

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