Growing flowers in a small space

Gardening without a garden…

I fell in love with gardening even before we had any outside space of our own…

Moving from a shared balcony, which was really just a walkway, to a tiny patio in London and I mean seriously small!

My first Garden with actual soil was North facing and not much bigger, but where there is a will!!!

I dreamed of growing my own flowers and would shoehorn plants into pots, hanging baskets and many a small space to see what would thrive!


Over the years I’ve tried everything from Tulips to Pelargoniums, Dahlias and Cosmos, Climbers to tumble down and shrubs for year round interest…

Gardening in a small space, Pots of Dahlias and Cosmos

I have found that you can have a patio over flowering with pots, windows festooned with boxes and hanging baskets that you change over just twice in a year…

Its amazing how much you can spend in a single trip to the garden centre. If you are not wise half of what you buy won’t survive the month and your flowery aspirations will go frustratingly unsatisfied.

Containers can be tough for plants!

You will need to take steps… but a few minutes of feeding and maintenance once as week can overcome most of your problems…

I would  love to share everything we have learned, saving you from costly mistakes and explaining everything that I wish I had known about soil conditions, aspects and everything you need to know about growing in pots and containers, from compost (not all compost is equal) to time saving additions.

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Gardening in a small space, Pots of Tulip Purissima, Apricot Beauty, Exotic Emperor