Our Story…

Who are we and how did we get here…

I fell in love with gardening even before we had any outside space of our own…

I’m a Londoner and Neil moved from the wilds of Scotland to the big smoke to find work when he was 23. We met soon after and have been together for 25 years!

Our first home together was a flat in Westminster and my first growing space was a shared balcony, which was really just a walkway…

After much pleading from me, we moved to Pimlico so I could have a tiny patio garden and I mean seriously small!

It was just round the corner from the Royal Hospital and The Chelsea Flower Show, and every year I carried back home the final day sell off’s. I would shoehorn plants into pots and hanging baskets to see what would thrive!

The pull of the city dulled and we moved to our first Garden with actual soil, it was north facing and just 50ft long, but where there is a will!

I dreamed of growing my own flowers Neil has a background in farming so I embarked on a two year college course and coming away with a commendation from the RHS.

90% of my fellow students dropped out, they wanted to learn quickly and were frustrated that they had to learn soil science and the nitrogen cycle. I realised that if I wanted to grow wonderful blooms then I needed to have that deeper understanding.

When we finally moved to Swan Cottage in 2008, I was ready to finally embrace my floral dreams and try every plant, seed and bulb that I could lay my hands on, much to Neil’s despair! His lawn was rapidly shrinking!

Swan Cottage Flowers, Dahlia Day Flower Workshop 2017

Wanting to share our floral paradise we opened our garden for charity and gave talks sharing  what we’ve learned often the hard way!

One day I was sitting reading yet another book on Cut Flower production (I never think you are done with learning) and the thought struck me, I wonder if anyone would like to buy our Flowers…

I had grown thousands of Dahlias for pleasure (I’m a serious plant-a-holic), but the cut flowers were going to waste… it seemed a shame to just keep composting them…what to do?

So I called a local florist, just to see, then another, then another and within 2 hours I had keen buyers walking out with buckets of our flowers, and just like that Swan Cottage Flowers was born!

British Flowers for Weddings and Events, Buckinghamshire (Bucks) Bedfordshire (Beds) Northhamptonshire (Northants) and Oxfordshire (Oxon)

Neil and I have always been passionate and 100% committed to whatever we do so when the first inquiry came to supply a Bride direct, we were so excited!

The opportunity to make a bride’s dream come true imagine that!

We treat each Wedding as if it’s our own and vow to supply the freshest and most beautiful blooms you could ever want.

We created an Instagram account purely to give you complete confidence.

Growing Wedding Flowers is a big deal! We think its important for you to be able to check on the progress of your flowers whenever you want, from tiny seeds germinating right through to the flowers being cut and conditioned ready for collection, using Social Media we have created a virtual window for you to look through and see straight into into Swan Cottage Flowers!

Swan Cottage Flowers Instagram Account, A window into our world!

Day or night you can check on how your flowers are growing!

The big step came in giving up our dull corporate jobs to devote 100% of ourselves to Swan Cottage Flowers. Our little business is thriving and we have even opened a gardening school, where you can come here to our little piece of heaven and let us share with you all the things we have learned over the last 20 years

All the things we wish we’d had known so you can avoid those often costly mistakes and thrive!

With our little dog Archie, we look forward to welcoming you soon….(as long as you don’t mind sharing your lunch woof!)

Zoe, Neil and Archie xxx


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