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Wedding Flowers in particular can make a huge difference to the background and the Wedding Photographs, turning the whole event into something much more personal.

Bride Claire with her Bridesmaids holding their beautiful handmaid bouquets

Flicking through glossy magazines you imagine yourself with a gorgeous bouquet, walking down an aisle decked with flowers. Bridesmaids and Flower Girls in silk gowns, your handsome Prince, the Groom with a classic Buttonhole and grand centrepieces at the reception…

Real DIY Weddings, the Bride and Groom, Look at that stunning handmade buttonhole!

The cost of Wedding Flowers can come as somewhat of a shock, leaving brides disappointed as budgets have already been eaten up on the other essentials of Dresses, Rings, Venue Hire and Catering…

DIY Wedding Flowers, Lilas Wood, Woodland Wedding, Hertfordshire

No matter what images flash through your mind, there is no denying that flowers are an important part of any Wedding album and deeply impact the feeling and style of the day every bit as much as the Brides Wedding dress…

The Bride arrives...A Vintage car Sweeps up to the Church... British Wedding Flowers

So why are wedding flowers so expensive and is there any way you can cut costs without sacrificing your dream wedding?

The Process of Ordering Wedding Flowers

Unlike shopping at your local florists or supermarket and picking up a random bunches of flowers, ordering flowers for your wedding is a much longer process.

Most brides have Pinterest board of what they want their weddings to look like, and it is then up to the florist to incorporate all the requirements in the floral arrangements.

The process begins with a consultation where you provide the florist with all your wedding flower ideas, from the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, flower girl posies, buttonholes, corsage flowers, then onto the venue, table decorations, centrepieces, cake flowers. You might even wish to flower up the church or wedding chapel with flower arches and pew ends?

Sophie and Ed kiss

All this is then taken and broken down into flower recipes for flowers and foliage to order, what and how many vases to buy, when to pick up the flowers and when to drop them off at the venue plus everything else that is needed to make your idea of a dream wedding come true.

All this takes time and costs you money. You may not realise it, but imported flowers are sold at auction and costs can vary wildly, Brides often have very set ideas on what flowers make up their wedding and, more often than not, these tend to be the ones that are gorgeous, out of season  (and expensive)!


Remember that imported flowers are bought in bulk. You should also note that florists often source the flowers from other sellers who deal with flowers in certain numbers. So while you might only require one blush or white rose in each centerpiece, the florist has no option but to order them in bunches of 30s as that is how their wholesaler sells it to them.

Not surprisingly, there is a lot of wastage when arranging flowers for the wedding, which unfortunately you have to pay for, as the wastage is usually due to your required specifications.

A simple budget won’t buy you much by the time the flowers are sourced, purchased, arranged and then delivered to your venue. It also costs to have them ‘cleared down’ and taken away at the end of the night…

How to Cut Costs in Ordering Wedding Flowers

Once you have had a few quotes, you will have a good idea what your dream is going to cost you. Don’t be tempted to keep shopping around looking for that amazing bargain! If a offer seems to good to be true it wont be! This is bound to result in heartbreak and possibly not even any flowers!

To truly cut costs without cutting on luxury you need to have less or do more of the work yourself.

Sourcing your own Wedding Flowers

Be open minded and enjoy seasonal flowers, like vegetables there is nothing more wonderful than a flower in season at it’s very best, fresh, full and scented. They look almost unreal!

Buy British! Your flowers are not then restricted to wholesale numbers or shipped half way around the world.


Delivery and venue set up

This is a major part of your flower costs. Asking the Mum’s to help with the flowers, especially a step mum and future mothers in law is a wonderful way to include them in the Wedding.

They will repay you with gusto, hiring vases or collecting jam jars and decorating bottles.

Mum's handmade table arrangements and Claire and Tom, Woodland Weddings
Mum’s handmade table arrangements and Claire and Tom, Woodland Weddings

Dad’s can be tasked with the logistics of collecting the flowers and delivering them to the Venue!

With all this cost saving you can then treat yourself to a little help.

You may want the Flower Grower to make your Bouquets and Buttonholes to collect ready with your buckets, just leaving you to apply the finishing touches such as the ribbons.


A Wedding Flowers Workshop, this is a brilliant way to get your confidence, have a trial run and make sure your vision is shared with your flowery helpers!

A DIY Wedding Workshop - learn to create your own Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets, Buttonholes and Table Arrangements and 'Be the Wedding Florist' Buckinghamshire

If you would like more help and advice on how to create your dream wedding flowers  then get in touch!

Call 01525 270 057  or email, I can’t wait to meet you!


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