Flower Farming for beginners

The UK is a tiny island packed with people, hardly anyone has a piece of land let alone a farm, yet we all dream of farming flowers one day…

Well that day is today!

The good news is you need a lot less space that you might think to grow cut flowers and  produce bucket loads of gorgeous blooms!

Here at Swan Cottage we are flower farming on just 1 acre, but what we get out of it equates to a much larger plot!

Swan Cottage Flowers, British Wedding Flowers and DIY Flowers

How do we do it?

Plant selection: not all flowers are equal, so we trial and trial to find those gem plants  that will give you the most blooms for your efforts…

Spacing: testing and trialing plants to find the spacing that is not to close together to restrict growth, not to far apart to waste space but just right…

Succession sowing, we don’t have the luxury of direct sowing into empty beds, flowers take from 12-14 weeks of growing to bloom, so we have come up with a system to get the next batch started at the right intervals, this is key to have a season full of flowers with no barren gap without flowers to pick!

We explain how to create your own cut flower garden, from design of your patch or plot, selecting the best varieties right for your conditions, through to sowing, planting and advice on soil maintenance for a continuous supply of home-grown blooms.

Planning: This is key to planting a variety of flowers and foliage in the colors and shapes you need for bouquets. Flowers take months to bloom, Wedding’s and Events have fixed dates, you need to be ready!

Soil Science: With flower beds this busy it is vital that you put back what you take. Soil science can seem very dull and the temptation is to spend your hard earned cash on new plants and seeds, but all that money will go to waste if your plants fail to thrive and frankly they probably won’t even survive, being plagued to death by the first pests and diseases that come along!

Swan Cottage Flowers

Here at Swan Cottage we have a flower field (Traditional Flower Farm)


An allotment sized vegetable garden

Swan Cottage Flowers, British Wedding Flowers and DIY Flowers, Spring at Swan Cottage Flowers, on the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire border new Milton Keynes (beds, bucks border)

A Traditional garden with flower beds of all shapes and sizes and pots

Swan Cottage Flowers, British Wedding Flowers and DIY Flowers, Early Summer at Swan Cottage Flowers, on the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire border new Milton Keynes (beds, bucks border)

I started growing Cut Flowers as an affordable way to fill an empty garden.

There is often a misconception that when you cut flowers you are stealing from the view!

Gardening in a small space, Pots of Dahlias and Cosmos, Swan Cottage Flowers

I found that by selecting the right flowers and the opposite is true, giving you beauty and perfume inside and out!

Swan Cottage Wedding Flowers, Husband and Wife growing romantic English country Garden flowers in Buckinghamshire, complete with a 16th Century Thatched Cottage.....

Flower Growing / Farming For Beginners

If you are considering growing cut flowers either for pleasure or to sell, we’d love to help you.

Come and join us!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Zoe x

Zoe Woodward, Swan Cottage Flowers, Dahlia Day 2017

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