DIY Wedding Flowers – Top Tips

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DIY Wedding Flowers – Top Tips

Keeping Flowers Fresh 

You can make your bouquets and buttonholes the day before the wedding, just keep stems long so you can leave them in water until the last possible moment.

Simply clip the stems the morning of the wedding and finish them off with ribbon, hessian or twine.

Keep a close eye on the level of the water source, flowers drink more than you think and keep flowers away from heat and sunlight, cool dark places are best.

Keeping Flowers Fresh. You can make your bouquets and buttonholes the day before the wedding, just keep stems long so you can leave them in water until the last possible moment. Swan Cottage Flowers...


Transporting flowers in water can be tricky.

Buttonholes and corsages can be bagged or stored in clear plastic boxed (sandwich containers) to keep moisture levels high.

Making your Bridal Bouquet 

The most important thing is not to grip the flowers too tightly.

First take some stronger stems that create the outline and overall shape of the bouquet, foliage is ideal for this, giving your bouquet that ‘garden gathered’ look.

Making your Wedding Bouquet

To save your hand from aching you can either create a natural armature or a chicken wire egg. Plastic options reusable versions are now also becoming available.

Other methods include rubber bands or using floral tape to hold stems together.

This makes the bouquet a lot easier to hold and keeps the stems from falling out.

Staying relaxed, keeping your hands loose, will help you to create a bouquet that breathes…

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We always finish off with some ‘air’ or ‘floating’ flowers, such as sweet pea, clematis, cosmos or the aptly names Guara ‘The Bride’!

These flowers catch the breeze and dance!

At our floral workshops we show all the bouquet techniques…

Keep stems long so you can place the bouquet into water until the morning of the Wedding, this will keep it fresh as a daisy and you will find that as the flowers are not treated with chemicals they will grow in the vase (or bucket) relaxing into the bouquet and naturally filling in any spaces…

Its such a surprise to come back and find your flowers look even better after a rest, it gets me everytime!


Just before the ceremony lift your flowers out of water, using a thick cotton bathroom towel, dry the stems well before clipping down the long stems.

Cut the stems a bit shorter than you would initially think.

The bouquet will then naturally tip forward in your hands giving the most flattering angle to the camera.


You want the full face of the flowers in your photographs as well as keeping your gown clean and the stems not poking out.

Finally finish with your choice of ribbons

We have a a huge selection of ribbon sample for you to try on your bouquet.

Helping Buttonholes stay in place

If you are not careful Buttonholes (boutonnieres) can be a little top heavy and may shift out of position.

DIY Wedding Flowers, ButtonholesYou can help them lay correctly by using light, delicate ingredients such as cornflowers, nigella, strawflowers and  something with a strong spine such as roses, rosemary and small ball dahlias.

Make sure your stems are long enough 6 cm will give them balance and using 2 pins per buttonhole, or even a corsage clips!

Making sure people pick up the right flowers!

You will have probably gone to extra trouble on the grooms buttonhole and certainly the brides bouquet!

So save mix ups and disappearing flowers by attaching a label or tag to each item.

This can really help when allocating flowers to the corrected members of the wedding party. Labels can be written up ahead of time. Find out who has the most beautiful handwrighting and supply them with a list of names and a calligraphy pen!

Bottles and Jam Jars

By far and away our most popular request is flowers for bottles and Jam Jars.

This is a brilliant solution for so many people because it cancels out the need of ‘Vase and Prop hire’.

Even the most simple jar can cost £3-5 and some vases can start at £45 each! That’s just a 3 day hire.

Collecting your own bottles and jam jars can be so much fun and something everyone can help with.

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A fancy Gin bottle looks amazing and takes far less flowers than some of the alternatives…

We’ve been collecting for a while and some of our favorites include, Branston Pickle and Sharwoods Mango Chutney jars, who knew they could be so lovely once the labels are washed off?

Guests can take home all the flowers as Wedding favours meaning that you don’t have to pay for your flowers to be cleared down at the end of the evening.

Yes if you don’t tidy them up you will be charged for someone else to!

Set up and Clear down can add a whopping 40% on the total costs of your Wedding Flowers!

A DIY Wedding Workshop - learn to create your own Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets, Buttonholes and Table Arrangements and 'Be the Wedding Florist' Buckinghamshire

I hope you find this information helpful, do please leave a comment so we know if we are on the right track…

If you would like to attend one of our Floristry Workshops, you can find a link here

Our DIY Wedding Flower workshops are hugely popular, spaces are filling up fast, get in touch as soon as you know your dates…

I can’t wait to meet you!


Zoe xxx




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