British Flowers Week 2018

British Flowers Week 

Monday 17th June – Sunday 24th June 2018

British Flowers Week, the national campaign to encourage everyone to buy more seasonal, locally grown cut flowers.

Britain is a nation of flower lovers with the cut-flower industry worth over two billion pounds a year. But astonishingly 90% of all flowers bought are flown in?

I think part of the problem is that many people think that they are buying from Holland, just a short hop over the North Sea….

However land prices have risen in Europe just as much as they have in the UK and its actually cheaper to grow flowers in underdeveloped countries where regulations on pay and welfare are not as strict, ignored or just don’t exist.

Burst dam at Kenyan rose farm lacked permits, police investigate

May 2018

A dam on a Kenyan commercial farm that burst this week, killing at least 45 people, was built illegally….The minister in charge of water also ordered other dams on the property to be drained immediately.

The earthen dam on the farm, which grew roses for export to Europe, burst on Wednesday night after heavy rains, sending a wall of water roaring down a hillside and obliterating everything in its path. Another 40 people are reported missing.

The disaster is likely to put a spotlight on the regulation of Kenya’s cut-flower industry, which has grown dramatically in the last two decades.


Most flowers are merely processed through Holland which is home to Aalsmeer the largest Flower Auction in the World.


In order to make this long haul journey and twirl around the carousels of the sales halls, flowers are often 5 days old before they land in the hands of the florist and a week old or more before they appear in your bridal bouquet.

The compromise has to be a much reduced flower choice, where anything with true beauty or scent must be pushed aside in favour of thicker leathery petals and a good drowning in chemicals.

Here at Swan Cottage will are making it our mission to bring back those long lost flower varieties…

We are often asked for an availability list….. at any one time we can have hundreds of different flowers and varieties….here is just an example on what you could be missing:



Like locally sourced food, locally sourced flowers are top for quality!

In celebration of British Flowers we we are running a Garden Bouquet Making Workshop on Sunday 24th June 

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Swan Cottage Flowers © Ferri Photography
© Ferri Photography


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British Flowers Week 2018


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