My favourite Flower Podcasts

I asked you what you might find useful in future blogs posts and near the top was my favourite resources so I thought we would kick this off with PODCASTS!

I am a real fan of podcasts because I LOVE learning and I LOVE gardening and with podcasts you can do both at the same time! Winner!

The only problem with Podcasts is that sometimes it can be hard to find the good ones so here is my current list of faves and the reason why I love them.

Botanical Brouhaha

Amy Mcgee has gone to extraordinary lengths to make her interviews engaging and informative. Don’t skip the first episode where she and Maria Maxit (her co host) tell us their stories which are just as valuable.

The main Botanical Brouhaha website is also a treasure trove of valuable floral  inspiration.

We love Larry – listen to episode 29

Slow Flowers Podcast

Journalist Debra Prinzing is a leading voice in the American Cut Flower movement. The sheer volume of work she has recorded is astonishing. I wish we had something similar in the UK (maybe a future project) but for now indulge in all 284 Episodes (she started at the number 100, so you can see I’m a super fan).

If you have to start somewhere, begin with the ASCFG conference episodes, perfect for those wishing to farm flowers for a living. Stars Jennie (Love ‘n Fresh Flowers) , Pam Arnosky and Lisa Mason Zigler , share no nonsense farmer florist advice.

Team Flower

Loads of Floral Chat, more for the florist than the Farmer but useful non the less to understand how the floral industry works. I particularly love the episode with Julio Freitas of The Flower Hat.

The Flower Podcast 

This is a new one to me, I follow the amazing Holly Chapple whose interviews are always honest and from the heart. When she posted that she would be on with Scott Shepard I had to have a listen!

Scott is a brilliant interviewer, asking great questions then really listening to the answer, giving his guests the floor… it looks a fairly new one so I look forward to episodes to come….

If you have a podcast we should try, then place a comment at the bottom for both me and the readers to discover

Happy Listening


Zoe x

Zoe Woodward Swan Cottage Flowers © Ferri Photography

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