Wire Hoop Plant Supports

Wire Hoop Plant Supports.

It can be expensive and tricky to adequately support a whole cut flower garden, here are some plant supports you can make yourself…

We made our ‘Wire Hoop Plant Supports’ from stock pig fencing and placed them over each individual Dahlia at planting.

We purchased a 50m Roll Long)

120cm High (Tall)

L9 Gauge with a 15cm spacing 

We counted 18 Squares and then wrapped twice to make a double thickness 50cm dia ring.

The joints were then wired to secure the structure… 

See Instagram for Step by Step videos

Dahlia Plant Supports

We held each ring in place with a thick bamboo cane..

Dahlia Plant Supports

Supporting Dahlias and Cut Flowers

No further tying in was required for the entire season….

Dahlia Plant Supports

Even in Autumn storms when the wind can swirl!

How to support Cut Flowers

We did lose the odd bloom in the mesh but that is a small price to pay…

Wedding Flowers Buckinghamshire

At the end of the season we stacked the rings ready to use again the following Spring!

Dahlia Plant Supports

These rings are also excellent for supporting other Cut Flowers such as Cosmos and Sweetpeas!

Wedding Flowers Bucks

We hope you found this useful… for more information, Come and learn at one of our Workshops 


Zoe and Neil


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