Dahlia Hall of Fame 2018

Dahlia Hall of Fame, the very best Dahlias to grow as cut Flowers for Flower arranging, Weddings and Events

Disbudding Dahlia’s

Too many stems diverts the plants energy into doing too much.

The same happens once blooming gets underway in earnest. The first blooms arrive atop strong sturdy stems, marvellous!

Then weeks go by and your stems seem to become progressively weaker, snapping under the strain??

What’s happening is the plant in its hurry to complete its life cycle is producing as many flowers as it can.

The heat we have been experiencing means a problem typical in Autumn is happening from the ‘get go’!

Dahlias ‘deadheading’

It can be tricky sometimes to work out what is a bud and what is a seed head when they can look so similar… dead heading is important

Dahlia Hall of Fame!

Dahlia Hall of Fame, the very best Dahlias to grow as cut Flowers for Flower arranging, Weddings and Events

Introducing our new Mason and Jam Jar Service…

Introducing our new Mason and Jam Jar Service…

Creating Jam Jars is great fun but sometimes with everything else going on having these little treasures pre-made by us ready to collect by Dad makes the day much more relaxing.

Flowers Arrangers Half Bucket

During this time of abundance we will until the end of August be offering half buckets of loose flowers for you to arrange yourself.

Flowers will be cut and curated with the same care as our full buckets enabling you to make either a single large arrangement as shown or several smaller arrangements…

The flowers will be chosen from the best of the garden on the day and ideally please give 24 hours notice 

To order your half bucket, call us 07702919640

British Flowers Week 2018

British Flowers Week – the national campaign to encourage everyone to buy more seasonal, locally grown cut flowers – is taking place on 19-25 June, and Swan Cottage Flowers will be celebrating in style…..

Swan Cottage Garden Tour

A wonderful opportunity to visit Swan Cottage when its at it’s most fantastic best at the height of the British Summer. Neil and Zoe will guide you around the Gardens and Flower Field answering all your burning questions before having time to wander on your own. Refreshments include Tea and Cake Date: Sunday 22nd July 2018 Time:…

Cutting and Conditioning

Cutting Flowers 
An easy way to remember is not to cut flowers for something important like a Wedding or Event if you can feel the heat of the sun on the back of your neck…

I pick in the early morning or the cool of the evening straight into water and then keep them in a cool and dark place for at least a few hours – preferably overnight.


ts really important to give your plants a chance ‘toughen up’ or ‘Harden off’ before planting out in the garden.

Its not just the change in temperature, they also have to get acclimatised to, lower humidity and increased air movement.

We move our plants from the greenhouse or polytunnel outside but under cold frames for 7-10 days.

Then for another period we will remove the cold frames but still give the plants some wind protection. A wall, close to the home or for us the side of the greenhouse is ideal.

Pinching Out

Pinching out the tip of branching plants is one of the most important techniques to give much stockier plants that will give you many more flowers in your cut flower garden!

How to take Dahlia Cuttings

As so many of you have purchased our Dahlia Tubers I thought it would be fun to follow on from ‘Dahlia Planting Instructions‘ with ‘How to take Dahlia Cuttings’   Cuttings It’s a really great way to multiply your stock when you’re first starting out and only have a few plants and want to increase…