DIY Bride – Arrange your own wedding flowers

DIY Bride – Arrange your own wedding flowers…with wedding costs mounting, bride-to-be’s are now turning to a homemade approach and DIY Wedding Flowers
The cost of the average UK wedding has spiraled to over £27,000 and the fact that flowers account for 10 per cent of the overall budget, it is no surprise that more and more newly engaged couples are looking for ways to reduce their flower costs.
Whats more the current trend for ‘Garden Gathered’ Bouquets and ‘Jam Jar’ style table arrangements lend themselves perfectly to the less experienced flower arranger.

Bulb Lasagna

Planting Spring bulbs is my favorite gardening job!

Bulbs are little flower grenades ready to explode and perfect even for the beginner flower grower.

Everything needed is already in the bulb…all you need to do is choose from the dizzying range available to us here in the UK

Dahlias of Purple Perfection!

The changing light levels give a new intensity and Brides start to favour more colour in their Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquets.

Dahlias ‘deadheading’

It can be tricky sometimes to work out what is a bud and what is a seed head when they can look so similar… dead heading is important

Plant Feeding and Plant Tea’s

About this time of the year no matter how good your soil, your plants will have exhausted the nutrients and will need a helping hand.

Dahlia Hall of Fame 2017!

Dahlia Hall of Fame, the very best Dahlias to grow as cut Flowers for Flower arranging, Weddings and Events

Daucus carota (Wild Carrot) (False Queen Anne’s Lace)

Daucus carota, Wild Carrot or  False Queen Anne’s Lace #britishflowers

We have an epic amount of this beautiful filler, it’s got a sophisticated moodiness about it, looks outstanding with Apricot Blush colours and dark jewel purple. The stems are strong and sturdy and the umbels are like giant plates of flowers giving a lot of bang for your money!

Nicotiana (tobacco plant)

Each year one plant seems to thrive above all others…..2017 for us Nicotiana alata ‘Grandiflora’, the most highly scented tobacco plant you can grow.

Delicious Daffodils

Perfect for Seasonal Bouquets, British Flowers that are resistant to most pests and diseases and providing you let the foliage die down completely after flowering they will go on for many years creating bigger and better displays.

Amazing Alliums

Alliums stand for ages in a vase as a cut flower and give the late spring, early summer garden a punch like nothing else.