Flower Arrangers Half Bucket

Introducing the Flower Arrangers Half Bucket!


During this time of abundance we will until the end of August be offering half buckets of loose flowers for you to arrange yourself.

Flowers will be cut and curated with the same care as our full buckets enabling you to make either a single large arrangement as shown or several smaller arrangements…

Cost £40

The flowers will be chosen from the best of the garden on the day and ideally please give 24 hours notice

To order your half bucket, call us 07702919640


The urn and table runner are from my favourite suppliers Garden Brocante and Silk and Purl 

Local Flowers Wholesale to the Public

The Flower Arrangers Half Bucket, this arrangement included:

Dahlias, Wild Carrot (Daucus), Larkspur, Seaholly, Scabious, Clematis, Sweetpeas, Fern, Phlox, Ammi Majus, Cosmos, Panicum Frosted Explosion, Cornflower, Euphorbia, Nicandra, Millet, Nigella