Dahlia ‘Red Collection’

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Dahlia ‘Red Collection’ I have a soft spot for dark red dahlia’s, this is my desert island collection… A pick of the best from Swan Cottage

Dahlia ‘Chat Noir’

Dahlia Chat Noir is a real garden workhorse producing armloads of blooms throughout the season.  This Semi Catus dahlia variety gives colour and texture to bouquets and arrangements.

Deepest red with a special touch of lime green at the eye, Chat Noir is especially sought after throughout Autumn when the light changes and arrangements get a whole lot more dramatic! Flower type: Semi Catus Height: 100-120cm (Tall). Flower Size: 8-10cm.

Dahlia ‘Cornel’

The big brother to Dahlia ‘Cornel Brons’ is a really gorgeous shade of antique red and the perfect shape makes a garden worthy plant.

Ball dahlias last longer in the vase than any other dahlia varieties . I think this might be because the petals are so closely packed that the pollinators can’t get to the eye until the flower has almost fully opened and by that time we’ve usually whisked them into the house as a ‘cut flower’. Flower type: Ball. Height: 90-100cm (Tall). Flower Size: 7-10cm

Dahlia ‘Little Robert’

Sometimes you need a little pizzazz!

Dahlia Little Robert is a striking, productive mini pom dahlia. Perfect for Jam Jars these magenta-flushed flowers produce all summer long.

With long, strong stems,  Dahlia Little Robert is brilliant for bouquets. Flower type: Mini Pom.
Height: 90cm (Tall). Flower Size: 5cm.

Dahlia ‘Patio’

A Dahlia that is perfect for pots. Dark foliage and small open red flowers. This Dahlia makes a dense bush that fills a planter to perfection. Height: 50cm (Tall). Flower Size: 3cm.

Dahlia ‘La Recoleta’

Dahlia ‘La Recoleta’ is a Miniature Decorative that produces masses of dark flowers all season long. The the smaller blooms tuck easily into bouquets, I just can do without this little treasure.  Flower type: Mini decorative  Height: 75cm (Tall). Flower Size: 7-8cm.

Position: Full Sun
Plant spacing: 60cm (min)
Pinch: when plants are 30cm tall

Cutting /Vase Life:
Dahlias do not continue to open once cut so pick when blooms are ¾ of the way open. Check the back of the flower head to check all the petals are perfect. The petals turn papery, drop and lose colour once they start to go over. Deadhead flowers to give plants back the energy to ripen the next flower rather than work on producing seed.

Place flowers straight into ready buckets of water, we rest our blooms for a few hours in water, this is called conditioning.