Seaholly (Eryngium)


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Brilliant for Wildlife and as the name suggests Seaholly is perfect for dry conditions, thriving in last summers heatwave!

No need for staking, the 5 ft stems of Eryngium are strong and robust.

They make a brilliant garden plant adding height and gently self sowing year on year.

Seedheads are a very attractive feature so can be left over winter

Deep freeze seeds or sow into a cold greenhouse to break seed dormancy

We’ve supersized out packets with a generous 1/4 teaspoon of this tiny seed in every pack!

Variety: Eryngium 
Type: Hardy biennial/perennial
Position: Full sun in free draining soil.
Sow: Spring or Autumn
Germination: Up to 30 days
Harvest: July-September

Cutting /Vase Life:
For the flower arranger nothing could be better in Milk Churn or Pedestal arrangements last ages with little or no water.

Place flowers straight into ready buckets of water. We rest our stems for a few hours in water, this is called conditioning.

Seaholly (Eryngium)