Wedding Dahlia Collection

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‘Karma Serena’

Dahlia Karma Serena is shorter and more compact than other varieties. Its brilliant for pots or planting towards the font of the border.

It is also a vigorous and long lasting cut flower, with white flowers that have a greenish-yellow centre.

Technically a decorative dahlia, Karma Serena has a beautifully Waterlily like shape flowers a top strong straight stems.

‘Cameo Cream’

A Waterlily type Dahlia ‘Cameo Cream’ has beautiful creamy white blooms that shade to a delicate lemon yellow.

Outstanding as a cut flower, professional growers us it on the exhibition stand. It shows weather damage less that pure white alternatives. Flower Size: 10-15cm. Height: 100-110cm (Tall)


White decorative dahlia with a touch of Lilac at the eye. I adore paring this variety with Dahlia ‘Karma Lagoon’ and ‘Karma Prospero’. Flower size 10-15cm. Height 90cm.

‘Franz Kafka’

Cute Pompon lilac flowers. A favourite, very usable and compliments this collection beautifully. Flower size 5cm. Height 80cm.

‘Café au Lait’

Dahlia Cafe Au Lait is our number one, most requested variety! Every year we sell out of every single bloom.

Huge pillowy Dahlias. This large dinner plate variety is perfect for brides and wedding florists. The flowers are the most unusual blend of pale creamy blush pink mocha. Flower Size: 20-25cm. Height: 100-120cm (Tall).

Position: Full Sun
Plant spacing: 60cm (min)
Pinch: when plants are 30cm tall

Cutting /Vase Life:
Dahlias do not continue to open once cut so pick when blooms are ¾ of the way open. Check the back of the flower head to check all the petals are perfect. The petals turn papery, drop and lose colour once they start to go over. Deadhead flowers to give plants back the energy to ripen the next flower rather than work on producing seed.

Place flowers straight into ready buckets of water, we rest our blooms for a few hours in water, this is called conditioning.

Dahlia Karma Serena

Dahlia 'Cameo Cream'

Dahlia Eveline


Cafe Au Lait Dahlias