British Seasonal Flowers

Flowers from an English Country Garden – we grow only the very best!

British Flowers Buckinghamshire

Chelsea Flower Show, RHS Gold medal wining, David Austin Roses, Eagle Sweet peas, Café Au Lait Dahlia’s our list is growing!

An alternative to the factory bred flowers that have never seen the sun, had raindrops on their leaves or their pollen taken by busy Bees.

Channel 4’s  The Billion Dollar Flower Marker shows the flowers we buy coming from overseas warehouses.

All nature removed. Sunlight is artificial lamps in the ceiling, water and nutrients piped into plastic wrapped growing blocks.

Roses devoid of any scent flown thousands of miles from Kenya and South America. In order to make these flowers last the journey they are treated with silver nitrite so that any scent that had not already been bred out (in favour of vase life and perfect buds) is then lost in the conditioning.


Scented Early Summer, British Seasonal Flowers Sweetpeas and David Austin Roses

For a country famous for it’s gardens we see very few varieties that are available. Your supermarket will probably have Daffodils, and Tulips, Alstroemerias, Lillies and Stocks, Sunflowers, Gerbera and Roses, but then you have to start thinking quite hard to get different varieties that are likely to be available.

Florists try hard to stock a wider range, but even they are stymied by the wholesale market that only takes flowers that are hardy enough to be transported round the world via Holland, and those flowers may be 6-8 days since picking before they get to our retailers, let alone our homes.

The Carbon Footprint impact is huge…………….try something else……….

We provide stunning British Seasonal Flowers

We specialise in those delicate beauties that don’t travel well by air and sea, Sweetpeas and Roses that fill the room with glorious perfume…

Cosmos that dance happily in the breeze…………..


Relaxed bunches for your kitchen table and delicious dahlias for real autumn impact!

Cafe Au Lait Dahlias give impact, British Flowers grown in season win hands down on quality!

What’s more it’s fashionable!

The bouquets given to the finalists of The Great British Bake Off – all Great British Flowers!

Vic Brotherson opened her floral haven, Scarlet and Violet, in 2006, and since then has earned a reputation as London’s “celebrity florist”, with clients including Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Sophie Dahl and Nigella Lawson. Her books Vintage Flowers and  Vintage Wedding Flowers are  must-read’s for experts and amateurs alike.

DIY Floristry

If your budget does not quite stretch to a celebrity florist…..then your journey is just beginning!

There is a growing trend to arrange your own dreamlike, eclectic cut flower creations. We have created a DIY Bucket range, picked, conditioned and ready for you to arrange as you wish.

Wedding Flowers. This is a Bucket of British Flowers, 60 stems of mixed filler and prime blooms
This is a Bucket of British Flowers, 60 stems of mixed filler and prime blooms

Each Bucket of flowers is picked to order creating a selection that is unique to you and your budget!

All this and you are helping the environment too!

Keep in countryside Eco and Green feeding the birds and the bees!

Weddings and Special Events

The flowers you choose for your wedding are a reflection of your personality, style and values.

Wedding Flowers and Special Event Flowers, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northants, Oxfordshire

Most traditional wedding flower schemes rely on expensive and often non-seasonal flowers, this is an natural alternative that is in line with the garden gathered movement.

Availability of our flowers is in harmony with the seasons and is spontaneous.

Jam Jar Table Arrangements, British Seasonal Wedding Flowers to do yourselfJam Jar Table Arrangements


Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Our wedding flowers are grown naturally and in harmony with the seasons. We will explain what we grow and what might be available for your date.

If given enough notice we may be able grow some extra special bespoke cut flowers……

DIY Flowers, Buckets and Bouquets, Flowers and Floristry packages….we can work with you helping as little or as much as you require Wedding Flowers

Garden Gathered Wedding Flowers, the natural bridal bouquet of British Flowers

Bridal Bouquet of Warm Autumn Tones

Flower Bomb of British Flowers 100% British Flowers 100% Swan Cottage Flowers


Exciting Fresh Spring Seasonal Flowers, 100% British 100% Swan Cottage Flowers (Spring Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquet)