Suzie and Alex, Old Luxters Barn Wedding, Buckinghamshire

Suzie and Alex, Old Luxters Barn, Buckinghamshire

Suize and Alex wanted to personalise their July Wedding at Old Luxters Barn, Buckinghamshire, with scented, seasonal flowers.

The flowers should look comfortable against the charming rustic backdrop, appearing just gathered and natural.

Wedding Flowers Old Luxters Barn, Buckinghamshire

When we first spoke, Suzie described pastel shades of blue, pink and white…

But as Suzie followed us on Instagram, she began to discover the vast array of flowers that would be available to her. The colour palette for their July Wedding just grew and grew…

Suzie and Alex Wedding Flowers Old Luxters Barn, Buckinghamshire

At the Wedding Flowers Workshop Suzie with Mum Margret, walked the field with me picking blooms as we went.

Loving the vast array of colours, Suzie decided that she would have the best of everything on the day! This would make the tables sing with colour and scent!

Suzie's Bridal Bouquet & Bridesmaids Flowers, Wedding Florist Buckinghamshire

For the Bridal Bouquet and Bridemaid’s Flowers, Suzie opted for our Floral Design Service. Allowing the family to focus on having fun making the table flowers, leaving the rest to us.

DIY Wedding Flowers Buckinghamshire

The venue flowers were arranged into Jam Jar’s and and bottles that the family had been collecting and decorating to personalise.  This allowed Suzie and Alex to ‘gift’ all the flowers in their jars, to their guests, at the end of the evening…

Suzie and Alex, Old Luxters Barn, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

The colourful them continues with Photographs ByVicki  who has captured the couple Wedding at this atmospheric location beautifully.

Suzie and Alex, Old Luxters Barn, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

Behind the scenes at the Wedding Flower Workshop

DIY Wedding Flowers, Buckinghamshire

We walked the field together handpicking the blooms and experimenting with colour

DIY Wedding Flowers, Bedfordshire

The Bridal Bouquet is totally bespoke and unique to Suzie. We took our time and made a sample of the final design…

DIY Wedding Flowers, Bucks, Beds, Herts, Oxon

Bride Susie, Groom Alex and Mum Margret all practiced Jam Jar flowers

Many many congratulations to Suzie and Alex!

With love from Swan Cottage xxx