Claire and Tom

As Featured in Rock My Wedding!
The venue a magical woodland is incredible and features a huge stretch tent, tree house, giant swing, wishing pond, chill out tents, rustic seating, hammocks, fire pits, hanging frames, hay bails vintage caravan bars and so much more! Claire and Tom wanted to fill the venue at Lila’s Wood with beautiful flowers that would  look natural in the setting.

DIY Prices

Weddings are unique special events, often it’s the first time you will have ordered this many flowers and costs can feel overwhelming.

Pricing is often what you can afford so with this in mind we have come up with this quick guide.

Once you have settled on your budget contact us for a bespoke quote which may include a little help….call now for prices on Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaids Flowers, Buttonholes and to learn what’s seasonally available

Wedding Flowers – How many to order?

The question I get asked time and again is how many flowers do I need for my Wedding, Party or Event?

We say that 1 bucket =
1 Brides Bouquet and the buttonholes
2 Bridesmaids Bouquets
5-10 Jam Jar (depending on size)
1 Pedestal Arrangement

The number of buckets depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve and we can help you with the flower maths!

Caring for your Cut Flowers

British Flowers
Heat and Sunshine are the enemy of any cut flower.

While they bask in the glory of an English Summers Day, once cut, they can quickly go over, droop and wilt if left to dehydrate… is why