Storing Dahlias over the Winter

Storing Dahlias over the Winter We have been getting so many questions on how to store your precious Dahlias over the Winter that ahead of our Live Instagram Stories we would like to share this blog post with you now. The frost has yet hit us in Buckinghamshire and at Swan Cottage Dahlias generally keep…

Dahlia Hall of Fame 2018

Dahlia Hall of Fame, the very best Dahlias to grow as cut Flowers for Flower arranging, Weddings and Events

Pinching Out

Pinching out the tip of branching plants is one of the most important techniques to give much stockier plants that will give you many more flowers in your cut flower garden!

How to Sow Seeds

Sowing Seeds
With the cold Spring of 2018 you may be a little behind with your seed sowing…

The good news is, they will soon catch up and many seeds such as Zinnia’s actually resent been sown too early. 

After a quick germination, they quickly die off as they sit in cold damp soil…

April is ideal, the sky is bright, the sun is warm, lets get started! 
You’ll need seed trays, pots, bottom trays, potting compost, vermiculite or horticultural grit, clear dome lids, and plant labels.

Growing flowers in a small space

Gardening without a garden…

I fell in love with gardening even before we had any outside space of our own…

Moving from a shared balcony, which was really just a walkway, to a tiny patio in London and I mean seriously small!

My first Garden with actual soil was North facing and not much bigger, but where there is a will!!!

I dreamed of growing my own flowers and would shoehorn plants into pots, hanging baskets and many a small space to see what would thrive!

Bulb Lasagna

Planting Spring bulbs is my favorite gardening job!

Bulbs are little flower grenades ready to explode and perfect even for the beginner flower grower.

Everything needed is already in the bulb…all you need to do is choose from the dizzying range available to us here in the UK

Dahlias of Purple Perfection!

The changing light levels give a new intensity and Brides start to favour more colour in their Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquets.

Dahlia Hall of Fame 2017!

Dahlia Hall of Fame, the very best Dahlias to grow as cut Flowers for Flower arranging, Weddings and Events

Tulip Fever

Planting bulbs is my favourite of all gardening jobs