Turn your passion into a business

With the pace of life ever increasing more and more people dream of a life working for themselves and creating a career that fits around the lifestyle they long for…

We can help you in turning that dream to a reality.

With clear practical advice we will explain everything you need to know about marketing yourself on Social Media, setting up your own Website, defining your brand and making sure those spreadsheets balance….

Zoe will teach you to dream big, while Neil will keep those feet firmly on the ground!

From full time gig to side-hustle, there is space for you here!

Neil Woodward, Swan Cottage Flowers

Includes a homemade lunch, cake and lots of lovely tea and coffee!

All courses are held here at Swan Cottage which is snug and warm on a winters day!

How to book

Visit the Shop

or if you prefer you can call us to 01525 270 057…the mobile 07702 919 640 is often better as we prefer life out in the flower field!

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