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Wedding Flowers with two levels service allowing absolute flexibility

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We will put together everything you need for your dream flowers and be right there to hold your hand…

Wedding Flowers from Swan Cottage Flowers, Buckinghamshire -The Bride arrives...A Vintage car Sweeps up to the Church...


Full service Wedding Flowers can be so expensive and often there elements that you and your family can happily take on without compromising on luxury…

For Inspiration just take a look at our Real Wedding Diaries  

Wedding Flowers from Swan Cottage Flowers, Buckinghamshire -Pretty maids all in a Row....

Good quality flowers are difficult to source without floristry connections, blisteringly early starts to New Covent Garden Market or ordered unseen online. Fingers crossed that the flowers are not damaged, are what you ordered or even arrive at all…

DIY Wedding Flowers from Swan Cottage Flowers, Buckinghamshire

BUT there is another way…. Here at Swan Cottage, your flowers are grown and reserved especially for you…

We believe our flowers are the best and freshest available anywhere!

We grow for beauty and fragrance,  NOT how well they travel as freight…

No complicated re-hydrating (conditioning), our blooms are picked and plunged straight into water, we don’t think flowers ever fully recover from travelling

No flower auctions, no uncertainty, your flowers won’t suddenly cost more

DIY Flowers, Swan Cottage Wedding Florist and Flower Field

Need Help?

With our popular Floral Design Service service we can take care of as much or as little as you need leaving you free to enjoy the whole experience…

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Wedding Flowers from Swan Cottage Flowers, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire....

Wedding Flowers Workshop

If you have plenty of flowery helpers and want the freedom to make all the arrangements yourself, but are not sure where to start, then our Bespoke DIY Wedding Flowers Workshop is for you!

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